Get Synergy Working With OS X Lion (Including Modifier Keys)

Synergy is this magical piece of open source software that lets you control multiple computers with a single pair of mouse and keyboard. I use my MacBook Pro as my primary machine and have a Windows home server lying to it’s side.

In the SnowLeopard days, SynergyKm was the dead simple way to install Synergy on the Mac and for Windows, the official exe installer was basic enough. After upgrading to Lion though, Synergy was broken. I scoured the web for solutions and tried everything. Upgrading to 1.4.4 beta (the latest version as of date) got my keyboard and mouse working across a Lion Server and Windows 7 client, however there was one big problem. The modifier keys wouldn’t work (which means no Shift, Ctrl, Alt or capital letters). It was practically useless.

I’ve finally managed to find a working solution. Use QuickSynergy on Lion, SynergyKM on SnowLeopard and the usual installer on Windows machines. It should all work perfectly. It’s probably something to do with the configuration file settings on the Lion server, but I’m happy this is a simpler solution.

Also, if you have your network configured for more than one location, you’re probably going to run in to some wonkiness. System Pref > Network > Choose Connection > Advanced > under Wifi, remove any previous Network Name

You’re welcome.