Run Kill Mouse Acceleration

The one thing that i positively absolutely loved about the Magic Trackpad was the two finger swipe for scrolling (vertically) and forward/back (horizontally). But the Trackpad was giving me some serious RSI issues, so I sold it off and got myself a Magic Mouse instead. It’s been brilliant.

But the Mouse acceleration was driving me CRAZY. So after much googling I found a terminal script that actually works. You can save your time experimenting with third party software and just use this one. The only issue though is that the settings get reset everytime you reboot. So you have to run it at launch with a launch-agent, cron job or just Keyboard Maestro.

I use KM for this mainly for the “run at login functionality” (I’m too lazy for cron). Also, I’ve got KM backing up my macros to Dropbox, so If I’m on a different computer tomorrow I don’t need to remember to do this again.

  • You need to be connected to the internet for this to work the very first time.
  • This script is stored at the location ~/Dropbox/”Utility Belt”/ and sets a Mouse sensitivity of 2.

Get the script from my github repo.

[Update: made an Alfred extension as well]